Remembering  Roots//Laying New Foundations

Remembering Roots//Laying New Foundations

The Birth of Cypress & Stone Co.

The concept of Cypress & Stone Co. began in the year or all years... drum roll... we all know the year... 2020. This W A S. A. Y E A R. It started off as a seemingly ordinary year and ended ...well... we all know how it ended.. insert --> deflated ballon GIF <-- Skipping all the INSANE details of what my year entailed.. because.. let's be real we have all lived that same year with different cliff hangers and climaxes and have been left with varying degrees of mental and emotional damage! So at the end of that year, I like everyone else, had to make some new choices. I needed a redirection, an inspiration, a way to plain words.. find myself. I love creating, love people, and like everyone else visiting this page, LOVE fashion. Two small kids, almost a decade long career in healthcare, and lots of hard work left me with little time to check in with me. I realized upon reflecting on 2020 that the young, bubbly fashion forward woman I once was had been covered up like a hotwheel in a mud-pit...covered up in scrubs and spit up and the ghost of sleep deprivation.

So once the haze of the 2020 horror lifted, I started digging in. I thought about who I once was, my life growing up in Louisiana before moving to Texas for grad school and my career. I reflected on my roots. So many wonderful, rich, inspiring memories. Memories that are easy to forget as the monotony of getting the To-Do-List done. meeting professional and personal demands, and making two tiny humans over takes you. Having more time in 2020 to be home with my family away from the hustle and bustle and frankly drama that is my normal life, healed me. I was able to re-establish my foundation in Christ and really learned how overwhelmingly attentive, loving, and gracious our God is. I truly feel that He used this experience to orchestrate a beautiful twist to this incredible story. And through this uncertain time, I was able to lay a new foundation for the rest of my life.

Slowly my interests re-emerged, myself resurfaced, and I learned a lot about who I am and who God made me to be. At the end of all this, I had an overwhelming urge to start something. I wanted to create a way to get back to feeling like myself and help others do the same. There is nothing like the feeling of a beautiful dress or a silky top and some stunning accessories. There is something about the way a boho skirt or linen shorts hangs on your hips that makes you feel incredible. And its those feelings that help you remember the nights you felt fearless, invincible, like you were the most beautiful girl in the room. Everyone remembers an outfit that made them feel that way...elevated, unstoppable, fully present and taking in every moment of the night. That is why I created Cypress & Stone Co. Let's find that girl. Let's find that outfit. Let's make fashion for finding you.


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